Building Surveyor Job Description – Building Surveying prospects

Building Surveyors are often referred to the as doctors for houses. This is because they are tasked with surveying sites to look for any defects and dilapidations. They will look over all parts of the building from the roof to the floor boards and Electrics to the state of a kitchen. It is their job to provide reports on any issues that they find and what is the best possible solution for the problem, whether it needs to be repaired or what maintenance needs to be carried out and usually with a rough cost estimate. Building surveyors can work across all the different sectors (Residential, Commercial, Retail, Public and Private Sector). They are also able to help with the design and the development of new builds. In some cases, they will be called on to provide evidence in court if any building regulations have been breached. Due to the thorough inspections that they carry out they are expert witnesses on any building Defects and dilapidation cases.

If you have studied for a relevant construction qualification then the chances ae you can be offered a Graduate position, if not and you want to learn the trade, many companies will be able to take you on as a trainee and you can study whilst you practice. Graduates and Trainees usually earn around £18-25k (this may be slightly higher in London). Once you have learnt the trade and have a good level of practice behind you the next step is an Assistant Building Surveyor. You will be given more responsibly and possibly the assistant surveyor role.