How to deal with depression at work?

Depression is one of the hardest times of human life, but we know that life goes on & we also have to move on with life or else it may affect our career. Dealing with depression at work is a difficult task because work is something which has to be done with a good concentration to reach our daily goals & project deadlines, but depression doesn’t allow you to concentrate more on anything. The best medicine for depression is to keep yourself as busy as possible, convert your depression into motivation so that you can go to the next level in your career & life.

Depression will also lead to many health issues & leads to affect your physical fitness, hence it is better to keep yourself busy off the work too like leaning a new sport, joining a gym or joining a dance club, etc.. At the time of depression people will need a good support from colleagues or friends, so keep yourself in a positive atmosphere around positive people. If you tackle depression well you can go to the new heights in your life & career.
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