What to do when your boss expects you to be workaholic?

Being workaholic is not a bad thing, but expecting your teammates, colleagues or your employees to be workaholic is not a good thing because every employee is different & their working style is different. Some employees just produce more work in half of the time spent by their teammates. But coming to the main case, if your boss expects you to be workaholic & wants you to spend more time at workspace then it is a serious problem.

There are two cases in this issue, if your boss is also workaholic then you must take your concern to your boss that it is not possible for you to become workaholic & spend more time, being very open with the boss is the best thing be more comfortable at the workspace, but even after telling many times if there is no change in your employer’s attitude then it is time to change top a better job because end of the day being happy & comfortable is very important as a human being.
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